Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Welcome to... Me...

This is my first Blog. It is about me.  Richard Komissar. I may at sometime write in the third party. Let us see where it goes.  

I am a  self employed businessman living in Central New Jersey with my wife Ruth Ann.  We have been married for over 27 years now and we have two grown sons, Rich Jr. and Danny  Ruth, the boy's and myself have been a part of our community in Readington TownshipNew Jersey since 1990. Early on, I owned and operated a small chain of  Hot New York Bagel Shops and  Authentic New York Syle Pizza Shops in the New York City and New Jersey area.  We operated  from 1987 through 1999. 

 Community Service
 I was for many years very active in the Readington Township Department of Recreation.  My community volunteering included but was not limited to the Readington Township Recreation Department as well as the Readington Township Junior Baseball League. 

Change in Career
In 1999 after leaving the food service industry I entered into a partnership with SMC Marketing. SMC owns the local SuperCoups franchise for Somerset, Hunterdon and parts of Warren and Middlesex Counties. SuperCoups offer full color cooperative direct mail advertising for small businesses. Rich Komissar has a repeat customer rate of more than 97%  

Writing in the third Party
In 2002, to offer better service with more options to my client base, Richie Komissar founded The Rakom Multi Media Group.  Rakom specializes in the consultation, sales, production, distribution and placement of local cable tv, billboard, radio and cinema advertising.

Barter and Trade
Because many of Rakom's new accounts were offering to "counter trade" their products and services for advertising, Richard started an online "barter clearing house" to help liquidate many of the excess inventory the company was accumulating.

BarterGlobe International
In 2005 Mr. Komissar began Globe Trade Group and introduced BarterGlobe International http://www.barterglobe.com/   BGI is an online organized barter and trade network. Today, in 2010 the company has affiliates with more than 200,000 business to business members. BarterGlobe and its membership are part of the world’s largest and fastest growing barter network facilitating billions of dollars per year in cashless transactions. The network has clients that trade in every type of business. Mr. Komissar specializes in brokering, marketing, sales and purchasing which includes corporate trading, real estate trading, counter trade and media trading.

Boxing in the Blood
Rich was introduced to the sport of Boxing at a very early age. His father, Stanley Komisar was the  cofounder of the Starrett City Boxing Club in Brooklyn, New York.  Starret City has produced many great fighters and trainers including Shannon Briggs, Monte Barrett, Saddam Ali and Nirmal Lorrick.  Stanley was, as many kids that came from the lower east side of New York City back in the 1940's a New York Golden Gloves amateur.  He was also a US Navy Boxing Team Member and US Navy Boxing Team Coach. In the early 1950’s, after leaving the military Stanley was mentored, tutored by and apprenticed under his adopted uncle, the legendary Freddie Brown.  Stanley Komissar, through boxing and philanthropy became himself a mentor of many young men from the mid 1950's through his death in 1989. Many of the senior Mr. Komissar's young charges are today very successful at almost every level of the boxing business.  Richard, over the years has maintained friendships and relationships with most of these good boxing people including boxing legends like Don Turner (trainer of Larry Holmes and Evanader Holyfield),Tommy Gallagher (trainer of champions and star ofthe ESPN show The Contender), Bruce Silverglade (owner of Gleason's Gym),  Boxing Personality, Radio and Broadcaster Randy Gordon, Match Maker and Promoter Don Elbaum and many many more Boxing Legends.  Richard himself was an amateur boxer as was both his sons.

Non Hodgekins Lymphoma
In September 2007 Richard was diagnosed with stage 4 (non curable) Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma and began the most challenging period of his life.  Not expected to live more than a few years, he is now cancer free and in full remission. "I never missed a meal or lost a hair on my head" he proudly tells his family and friends. "I'm here to let everyone know that cancer is nothing but a bully and we learned all those years ago how to treat bullies.  I'm from the streets of Brooklyn,  the son of Stanley Komissar, I’m a fighter, which makes me a winner and I can do anything and beat any obstacle using the tricks I learned from being in and around boxing"

Cancer Fund Raising
Rich and Ruth Ann are active fundraisers for the Lymphoma Research Foundation and the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  "These good folks do great things. We need more money for more research for more treatment and hopefully more cures. I'd have been dead already if it was not for all the new therapies that are coming out almost daily. There are too many people getting these blood cancers. It is not about me because I'm a victim.  It's about you, your friend, your family member and God forbid, your own kid.  Lets knock out this cancer crap already" Rich tells anyone that will listen.  Richie wants to become a part of the Partners in Healing program at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Hunterdon County.  You need to be a survivor or cancer free for a certain amount of time to become a Partner in Healing. I've lost a few friends to this disease.  Some of us are not as lucky as others.  I feel I need to be at the Cancer Center once in awhile to cheer up some folks. I'll hold their hands or kiss them on their bald heads. I Love everyone with cancer"

 Reconnecting on Facebook
Richie Komissar  has  always had a lot of friends. But his friendship with Sam Rejtig has gone all the way back to their kindergarten days back at Public School 114 in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn New York. Sammy and Richie's lives have paralleled each others for years. Both of their families had roots in the luncheonette, news stand and taxi business. Both were in the bagel and deli business, both sadly lost their fathers at very young ages and both, through hard work and integrity have carved at successful business careers as well as built wonderful families.

Boxing Management
In late 2008 during the time Rich was taking Rituxin (targeted cancer therapy) and drinking up to 12 ounces of Pure Hawaian Noni Juice per day, and hrough the miracle of facebook, Sam got in touch with Rich and insisted on he getting out with some old friends to a few fight cards.  Together with another old friend, artist and actor Paul Vario the three set out to see as many local amatuer and professional boxing cards as possible.  At each show, the three Canarsie  friends would meet and greet with more and more of Stanley and Rich's old boxing relationships.  Eventually they decided to put their time and talents into helping guide the professional careers of some young, talented boxers.  They formed SOS MANAGEMENT GROUP.  Sam and Rich are clear that they do not want to mange the careers seasoned professional boxers.  They do not want to "buy" contracts nor sell those contracts as is sometimes the custom in the boxing business.  They want to build life long relationships with talented young men (or woman) of good character.  With Rich's contacts globally and  the online presence of his Globe Trade Group as well as the Savvy business acumen of Sam Rejtig and his group of contacts, the two men feel they can utilize new age technology and marketing ideas to bring a new group of "New Generation" talent to the boxing game.

Scotty and Deano Burrell  http://www.burrellboxing.com/

Rich and Sam are proud to be a part of the professional Boxing careers of Scotty "Spade Ace" and his Identical Twin Brother Deano 'Bad Newz" Burrell.  The Burrell Brothers  were brought to Richie and Sam by Hector Roca. Hector Roca is probably the best active trainer of boxers in the world today.  He has been the trainer of more than fifteen world champions including Arturo Gatti and James "Buddy" McGirt .  Hector trains the Burrel Brothers six days per week out of the world famous Gleasons Gym in Brooklyn. 

Please check us out on facebook.